Toothpaste on your collar, gonna tell on you!


I’ve been reading a lot of helpful electric toothbrush reviews here recently because I’m thinking about getting a new brush. I’m thinking of getting an oral b 7000 toothbrush. Whilst researching that I came across a forum post about cleaning your teeth with an electric toothbrush. The user asked the question:

"How do you clean your teeth with an electronic toothbrush without sending the toothpaste flying everywhere?"

At first I thought to myself, what a ridiculous question. Indeed the following post said “try closing your mouth!” I have used a water flosser in the past and read waterpik ultra reviews where people have said that if you don’t close your mouth water gushes out of it but a toothbrush is just common sense. I find all my electric toothbrush news and reviews at ToothBrushesOnline.Com

However as I cleaned my teeth this morning with my favorite oral b electric toothbrush click here and I could not help but think about that post as I looked at the colgate toothpaste dribble on my jumper. I had started with the brush in my mouth before I turned it on. I had closed my mouth as best I could when running a vibrating device over my teeth. I even turned off the toothbrush in my mouth before taking it out yet here I was with toothpaste on my jumper.

The most annoying thing about it, is that it is a nightmare to get toothpaste off a top without washing it. So now here I am with toothpaste on my top thinking that maybe that wasn’t such a stupid question after all and perhaps I should post a response to that mans post pointing out that it is not as stupid as it sounds.

But I won’t. Who wants to be trolled over a toothpaste comment!

Loving my new electric toothbrush



Had to make this to express how much I love my new electric toothbrush.

Judging from this collage I guess this poster thinks they own the most awesome electric toothbrush in the world. Well I love my electric toothbrush too. I love the way it makes my teeth feel. I love the fact that it buzzes when you need to switch where to brush and I love the fact that it beeps again to tell you when to stop. I think it keeps my teeth cleaner for longer as well but that might be me.

1 note

Jealous of the UK

Oh my Gosh. I have never been more envious of the Brits. Yes they have bad teeth (according to Austin Powers anyway), stuff is more expensive and they have no good tv shows but they do have the royal family (how cute are Di’s boys) and cool music. Now they have something that is not available in the America and that’s 50mm babyliss bIG hair.

Basically it is a hair dryer and brush combined into one. When you first see it you think what is the big deal? But then you realize how much easier it is to add volume to your hair when the two tools are combined. No more heavy blow dryer in one hand and brush in the other. I don’t know what you are like but when I swap over hands to I just cannot brush in my other hand. I’m left handed and trying to brush with my right is a nightmare. If I had one of the Babyliss big hair brushes it would speed up the process and make it so much easier. I also read a CURL secret review that got me jealous.

Alas, they are only available in the UK and Europe at the moment. I know there are alternatives in the States that are just as good but still, I wanna BABYLISS!



Omega SeaMaster Bullhead 2014 edition

I have just heard some very exciting news. My favorite watch company has just re-released its iconic chronograph watch, the Omega SeaMaster Bullhead. The bullhead was originally released in 1969 and is one of the most recognized chronograph watch ever produced. Omega fans love this watch which is why it is so collectible.

The new 2014 model will have the same design as the original, which includes the characteristic inner bezel and sub dials which are set at twelve and six o’clock. There is also a date window and a sapphire crystal with is treated on both sides with scratch resistant stuff. This beautiful time piece will be presented on a very masculine brown leather strap and comes with a three year guarantee and is waterproof to five hundred feet. The only difference we noted was that on the original watch the pushers were round but the new model features flat ones instead.


In other news I have had to put up with my friend Barry raving about his new Bulova Precisionist Chronograph watch. He says it lives up to its reputation as being the most accurate chronograph watch on the market. The precision is so great that it only goes out only 10 seconds per year. The mineral glass crystal looks thick and solid while the strap and dial are quite thick giving the watch a great manly look and it is waterproof up to 300 hundred meters partly due to the screw down crown.

The second hand has this great feature where it sweeps continuously rather than jump seconds in normal mode. When you move to chronograph mode though it does jump on seconds and the tenths and hundred hands look like whirling helicopters. If you are obsessed with time then this is a great watch to own.


Finding decent saucepans for the in Laws



I’ve been given the challenge by my father in law to find a good collection of saucepans for him and his wife to use. Personally I love circulon infinite cookware but he says that my saucepan sets are too heavy. Ideally he would like a good quality non-stick pan that works well for everyday cooking, not too heavy and protection on the handles so that they do not get too hot to handle.

He also wants a collection from one company so that it looks good together like Circulon Infinite. I know some people buy different saucepans from different companies because of their strengths and weaknesses but I agree with my father in law that it is nice to have cookware that looks the same. I also forgot to mention that he needs induction Hob PAns.

In terms of price range he doesn’t want dirt cheap but not bothered by the high end stuff because he believes you are just paying for the name. I disagree with him on this but not to his face J. Fortunately there are some great mid-range pots and pans out there that are in his price range.

I love the fact that there is so much choice out there so I’m convinced that I can find the best saucepans for him within his price range. The challenge is on!

Design a Trash Bins

When is a bin not a bin? When it is a work of art!


Apparently in the United Kingdom bin manufacturers Brabantia have been running a competition where people come up with artwork for their bins. The designs can be anything you want. Each year they choose two winners whose designs go into production and you can buy them.

I had a look at some winners from the past and they look awesome. There is one kitchen bin that uses street art that they photographed on a street in London and another more flowery one that they shot in a kitchen. This year the winner goes onto their new global canister range of brabantia bins which is a smaller bin.

I’ve seen some retro seventies vibe ones and even robot inspired bin that looks a lot like R2D2. Shhhh, don’t tell Lucas, you know what he’s like with copyright infringement. Actually, he doesn’t own the Star Wars franchise any more so probably doesn’t give a sh**. 

I would love to design a trash bin and sell my design to other people. The only problem is every time I tried to think of something, my mind went blank. Sadly the competition is now over and the winner will be picked at the end of November.

Maybe I should start designing for 2014 now.



Found this video online the other day. I think that Circulon Infinite cookware is amazing and this video helps to explain why. I love the way the non-stick works, the solid feel of the pans and those lovely circles that help bring out the flavor or something like that. Anyway, check out the video for this Circulon pan and see what you think.

Far Side Cartoons

Anyone remember the Far Side Cartoons by Gary Larson. I do and they are awesome.

I was on holiday back in June and the house I was staying in had a stack of early far side cartoon books in the toilet. I found myself using the toilet more often and for longer after this discovery.

 I had forgotten how funny they are. I love Larson’s mix of puns, surreal humour and great play on words. I don’t know how this guy managed it but he was consistently funny for such a long time. It’s a real shame he retired so early. Still it’s better to quit when you are on top than when you are sliding down the toilet. A certain Mr Bieber would do well to remember this advice!

Mr Larson I salute you for your hilariously funny cartoons and I hope you are enjoying your retirement.


The Beatitudes Meaning

I’m not really a religious person but because it’s Sunday I thought I would do a “thought for the day” type thing.

Growing up in an area known as the Bible belt church is hard to avoid. I went because I had to and left as soon as I could. I found it boring. I don’t like singing adult orientated rock, I don’t like long talks and I didn’t get on with anyone in the youth group except Tara.


I had not seen the girl for ages when I bumped into her again. She asked how I was and long story short we ended up talking about the beatitudes meaning. One of the things I struggled with was how wimpy Jesus sounded in the sermons. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to follow such a weak God that allowed all the evil in the world. So Tara told me about a blog she had been reading about the beatitudes at the start of the Sermon on the Mount. I found the blog and started reading the Beatitudes posts. The one that really caught my eye was the one on Mercy and forgiveness. The bit that made me think was:

"Forgiveness and mercy are not momentary choices; they are disciplines of the heart. We may make the choice to forgive someone but that doesn’t mean that the next time we wake up, raw and real and in touch with our deeper emotions, we won’t still feel that pain. We probably will. But we put it to death, day after day, until it’s fully dead and we’re free of it."


When I heard the beatitudes explained like that I must say that it made me re-think my stance on Jesus but I still think the church sucks!


This was my first and probably last thought of the day.

Sister stole my flat iron!

FHI Straighteners vs hai flat iron

There is so much choice out there that it can be really hard to know what to choose. For example a friend of mine was looking to buy a new hair straightener because her sister borrowed her Fhi flat iron so much that she decided to just give it to her. Mainly because she had stolen her babyliss big hair rotating brush and felt guilty. Both sisters have frizzy hair and the Solia did a great job on it. She wasn’t sure whether or not to buy the same FHI straighteners again or try something different.

The bonus of buying the same model is that you know what it can do and you know what you are getting for your money. Also if the particular model is now a couple of years old the price might be cheaper than when you first bought it so will be the best straighteners for you.


However, the manufacturers keep coming up with new designs with new fancy technology that might get the job done faster or it might simply be a prettier design. The downside is that this is definitely going to cost you a lot more money.

Take for example the Hai flat iron which comes in a 1” or 1 ¼” version and a classic convertible or nanotech model. How are you meant to decide which one to get? I personally think that most flat irons these days are pretty good so it doesn’t matter.